Dilbert is Right, says McKinsey report!

McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)  came up with a report in 2012, The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies, and it had some pretty surprising numebrs.

Here, have a look:



Were we not saying all this while we need to move on to 20% of 70-20-10, and learn from our peers?

If this huge chunk of our work-week time is gone is looking for the right people, in writing mails-waiting for replies, in just looking for the right internal information (which is very much present in the maze of huge intranets that almost all companies have!), when and how do we learn from peers? Is there no way that these email could be decreased? Is there some way that we could connect to the Subject Matter Experts in a quick and easy way? Is there a way that we could find the information right at the moment of need very quickly?

Work, for sure, would be so much more fun!

But, where does the solution lie?


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