Learning on the go!

brainInteresting it is that when somebody nudges you to come up with a list of top tools for learning, an introspective journey starts, including many internal monologues. I am a firm believer in the fact that whatever inputs I provide my brain with, “influences” what output I can expect from it, and with lesser free time at hand, I always try to make a well-thought, conscious choice of what “feed” I provide my grey cells with! When I saw the post by Jane Hart today asking to vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015, the 9th Annual Survey, I started with a good look at my own learning ways, so to speak. I realized that there are so many tools I use in my personal life, which do not necessarily find their parallel “tools” in my work life, and coming from a person who is a Learning and OD professional herself, this speaks volumes at the glaring gap that needs to be covered! So yes, my list is as follows:

  • FIRST tool: Google Search
  • SECOND tool: Wikipedia
  • THIRD tool: Twitter
  • FOURTH tool: Apps like Mckinsey Insights etc.
  • FIFTH tool: LinkedIn posts
  • SIXTH tool: Videos (youtube, TED Videos)
  • SEVENTH tool: Blogger
  • EIGHTH tool: Flip Magazines
  • NINTH tool: Quora
  • TENTH tool?: Moocs

If I had to fill in this list for the tools I use at work for learning, it would be an entirely different list! I start my day with the twitter feed, read McKinsey Insights, one article each day on my mobile during my bus commute to work, I use the “getpocket” tool to save the articles (from twitter) that I want to read later. I watch TED talks very regularly and I hardly ever go for videos longer than 18 mins. I watch documentaries (mostly on cultures in different geographies) on areas of interest to me over the weekends on Youtube (I have subscribed to a few Youtube channels!), I spend more time on LinkedIn than on Facebook (and this is new in me!), I blog and read blogs, I have my own flip magazines and I follow a few magazines as well, and I love reading community generated replies on Quora! And in spite of all this time on the internet, yes, I still do have a life! 🙂 Until next time, be good!