What is this 70-20-10?

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards”. Vernon Saunders Law

Well, I wholeheartedly relate to the idea that no training can replace experience. In the previous post, we spoke about how experience becomes knowledge. In very simple terms there is a cycle (David Kolb’s learning cycle) we follow:

Concrete experience – Observation of and reflection on that experience – Formation of concepts based upon the reflection – Testing the new concepts – (repeat).

This cycle develops a knowledge-base in our mind, and that is of value that we cannot decipher.

Now, remember we spoke about 70-20-10 learning model in the previous post? To get into a tiny bit more details, I share with you the knowledge from the man who actually ideated it. Please have a look at the following video: 

Do you relate to this? Do you also think you learnt a lot from your peers and on the job, much more than you learnt in the formal training you had gone through?

Now the burning question that arises is: Given the fact that: 20% we learn from peer + 70% learning is based on our experience, will any new worker not need this knowledge-sharing also to come to speed at his/her work sooner?