How do we learn?

“We can know more than we can tell” (Polanyi 1966, p. 4).

Want to take a minute and think about what Polanyi said?

Do we really know more than we can tell? And if yes, how did we learn all that?

We had a few years of formal education, and then each job we took-up came with a few instructions, but then what we learned at the battle-ground (workplace) is something we learnt on-the-go.

How about taking a minute and reflecting on how we became this knowledge body that we are?

They say a picture says a thousand words.


Source: Charles Jennings 70: 20: 10 model of organizational learning in Winston noronha’s blog

Did you also learn like this?

Do you think now we (can) know why we know more than even we can tell?

Let’s talk more soon!